How the web design business has changed in 12 short years.

​My name is Russell Marshall, I am the owner of Davrus Web Solutions the number 1 web design company Sheffield and I find it hard to believe but it is now over twelve years since Davrus Technology was incorporated. Before starting the website design company at the age of thirty three and after leaving college I had worked for twelve years for one of the largest IT company's in the world. International Computers Ltd. Whilst working on a large IT project in Scotland in 1995 I bought a magazine called .Net from a garage one night when I was bored. I read the magazine whilst having dinner in a hotel overlooking Loch Lomond and as I read the magazine I became quite excited as it started to sink in what I was reading about. To be quite honest saying I was excited is a massive understatement. I knew that the internet would change everything that we knew and that it would become an integral part of how both individuals and companies interact and I knew from that moment that I wanted to play a small part in it.

When I got back to the hotel I quickly got out my laptop and started to write a document called "How the internet will change the world. I stayed up nearly all night writing the document as I just needed to get all of my ideas recorded before they were erased by sleep.

I started the company in 1996 but it wasn't until 1999 that I was in a position to give up my day job and become full time and how things have changed since then. Like most web design agencies we started out just creating static brochure websites. I believed at the time that as business owners heard about the internet they would get excited like I had about how they could use it to build their business but for 99% of business owners that I talked to this could not have been further from the truth. I can vividly remember speaking to a lady on the telephone in 2000 and feeling completely disheartened when I came off the phone. What she had said to me shocked me to the bone. She said to me that she had been in business for thirty years and she had never needed a computer before and that she had no intention of having one. She said that the internet was just a passing phase and that she was not interested. Now I have not contacted her since but I can predict that one of two things will have happened. Either she will have changed her mind and started using computers and the internet or she will have gone bust due to the inefficiencies and expense of shuffling paper and she will be too hard to communicate with. Hopefully she did switch on to the reality before it was too late.

Over the last ten years internet technology and business internet products and solutions available have moved forward leaps and bounds and I have managed to keep my company right up there. Although I do have some very large companies on my books there is no greater thrill for me than working with smaller Sheffield and Yorkshire based companies to help them to maximise the online opportunities available to them.

Our main services currently include Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ), CMS Web design, eCommerce website design, brochure web design, web based application development and Web Presenter videos.

My background whilst working for ICL was always customer facing so providing a high level of customer service is right at the top of my list when it comes to my clients. I must be doing something right as many of the clients that signed up with me more than 5 years ago are still clients today and some are now friends.

If you are interested in moving your company forward and maximising the oportunities available to you then please give me a call, complete the online quotation form or use the chat link on this website. I know how difficult it is to select the correct web design company to work with to develop an online strategy so I have written a document that is available by completing the form on the left that will help you to find a good supplier. There are a few very good companies in Yorkshire and throughout the UK but some that are not so good.

Whether you are a one-person business venture or a large organisation, we are able to help you with all aspects of your website design project and internet marketing strategy.

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